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Understanding How to Succeed on Instagram

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If you have internet access, you’ve probably heard of Instagram, but what is it exactly? Whether you’re new to the platform or just seeking more information, the first step is to understand its significance. Read below for a simple definition and explanation of Instagram as a social media networking site.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service that was first launched in 2010. It was designed as a medium to instantly share photos of everyday life, through the lens of a mobile camera. Today, it has over 800 million active daily users posting both photos and videos from various devices.

Originally only available to iPhone users, it is now accessible to anyone with access to the internet. While you don’t need a mobile phone to create an account or follow new profiles, an Apple or Android-powered smartphone is still required if you want to upload content.

What Makes it Different

Instagram differs from other popular social media platforms in many ways. While Twitter focusses heavily on text updates, Instagram has built its growth around images posts. Unlike Facebook, your profile refinement options are limited, and although you can share 1-minute clips, Youtube still reigns supreme for video content.

Instagram is quickly growing as a marketing and advertising vehicle for many businesses. Both older and younger generations are active on the site, and users come from all different backgrounds. As a result, it’s a great way to connect with your target audience, show off your brand and share important updates.

How to Use It

Like all social media platforms, internet access is required to use Instagram. You’ll need to download the mobile application for access to all the features, but you can also visit on your web browser to view, like and comment on posts from people you follow. Whichever route you choose, make sure you post often. Consistency with posting content and engaging with the community is the key to success on Instagram.

Instagram & Grow Tent

Grow Tent is a tool for Instagram accounts to be successful on the platform. We use Instagram to showcase beautiful content and engage with the community. We use best practices to market accounts to reach the audience you want. Check out our plans.

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The Two Parts of Instagram Success

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms available. As its popularity continues to increase, it’s important to make sure your presence stands out in this space. Whether you’re a small business owner, content creator or budding entrepreneur, Instagram can help grow your brand and serve as a bridge to reach your target audience.

Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing success is uniquely measured by consistency and authenticity. Instagram users are drawn to brands that will make a lasting impact and enrich their feed in some way. Read below for the two most important components of a successful Instagram profile.

Part One: Content

Content is king on Instagram. Users on this platform are consistently scrolling through various posts, leaving only a few seconds to capture your the attention of your audience. Make sure your content is relevant to your brand and interesting enough to grab the viewer’s gaze. There are three main ways to post on Instagram:

  1. Photos – Instagram was created as a medium for still images, and they are still the most popular posts for the majority of users. Photos are a quick and easy way to share your products, services, goals and core messages. Whichever snaps you choose to post, make sure they are well-lit, clear and in focus.
  2. Videos – Originally launched as a 15-second streaming option, Instagram videos can now be as long as 1-minute. Video content should always be focused and concise. The goal is to keep your audience interested and engaged.
  3. Stories – Stories combine both photo and video content. Posts can be seen by tapping your profile photo and are shown for up to 15 seconds. They expire after 24-hours, making them great for quick updates and behind-the-scenes content.

Part Two: Engagement

Engagement is the second part of the equation. Your Instagram efforts will fall short if you’re not reaching out and making an effort to connect with your audience. There are three fundamental engagement methods:

  1. Following – Following like-minded accounts is a great way to be seen by your peers and discover the kind of content others are posting. It also shows users that you’re willing to connect with and view their content, rather than only promoting your own.
  2. Liking – If a post catches your eye, tap the like button. This will help more relevant content appear in your explore feed, and it will alert other people of your presence on the platform. Liking posts are great for brand awareness.
  3. Commenting – Commenting takes the “like” a step further and is a simple way to communicate with other brands and consumers. If a user has left a comment on your post, make sure to respond quickly and thoughtfully. This will help establish a healthy level of trust between you and your audience.

By consistently posting interesting content and being engaged with the community, your Instagram account is sure to grow a large following. You can then make the most of your audience and share your message. Getting your account from zero to a thousand to ten thousand and to a million followers takes a lot of time and dedication. Luckily there are tools to help you achieve your goals faster.

Instagram & Grow Tent

Grow Tent is a tool for Instagram accounts to be successful on the platform. We use Instagram to showcase beautiful content and engage with the community. We use best practices to market accounts to reach the audience you want. Check out our plans here.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

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In today’s age, if you own or operate a business, it’s important to establish your brand on social media. As the number of users on each platform continues to grow, so does the need for a well-managed social content strategy. Read on understand what it means to market your brand on social media and how you can use it to boost your online fingerprint.


Social media marketing is a way of promoting your product or service in an engaging and interactive way. Traditional marketing is often one-sided. Print ads, commercials and radio spots are presented in a way that speaks directly to your customer, but generally, the customer is unable to respond. With social media, your audience can reply, like and share your messaging, making it easier to connect with the consumer.

Social Media Platforms

There are many social media sites on the web. Most are free to use, and all were created for a different purpose (and more are being created every day). You don’t need to use them all, but it’s important to have some sort of presence on the most popular platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Other options include Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn.


Why it’s Important

Social media marketing offers instant access to your brand and is a way to share real-time updates related to your products or services. A solid social media presence can also boost your search engine rankings and make your website easier to find. With the right plan in place, this kind of marketing can become a driving force for sales and help you reach broader audiences.

Strategic Usage

To form a social media marketing plan, you must first determine your strategy. First, establish an account with the larger platforms mentioned above, and start posting brand-relevant content as soon as possible. If your company relies heavily on visuals, focus your efforts on Instagram. If you share lots of helpful tips and information, Facebook or Twitter may be a better fit. The more you use each platform, the easier it will become to learn the algorithms, develop a schedule and find your groove. There are many social media marketing tools that provide helpful features to quickly develop your audience. Compare many tools to find the ones that best fit your workflow and needs.

Instagram & Grow Tent

Grow Tent is a tool for Instagram accounts to be successful on the platform. We use Instagram to showcase beautiful content and engage with the community. We use best practices to market accounts to reach the audience you want. Check out our plans here.