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How to Get New Instagram Followers!

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking sites. As the platform continues to grow, getting new followers will becoming more and more difficult. Users are streamlining their feed and selectively choosing which accounts to follow, so refining your strategy is increasingly important. Read below for primary ways to gain new Instagram followers.

Post Quality Content

The first step to getting instagram followers is keeping your account active. Post new content to your feed at least once or twice per day, but space them out to avoid coming off as spam. Back to back updates can clog your followers’ feed and may prompt them to unfollow your account.

In addition to posting regularly, it’s also important to make your feed look nice. When potential followers look at your profile, it should pique their interest and encourage them to click the follow button. Try editing your photos in a similar manner for a cohesive look.

Hashtag and Geotag

Hashtags are marked by a number (#) symbol, while geotagging is done by flagging your exact location on any given post. Both are a great way to increase engagement. Users search hashtags to find specific posts and geotags to browse updates from a specific area. If you tag your content accordingly, they’ll find and follow your content.

Hashtags should be relevant to your brand or business and can be categorized by topic, location, idea and more. Include them on every post for a boost in visibility. On the other hand, geotagging works best in popular locations. Not every update will be a good fit for this tactic.


Another straightforward way to gain new instagram followers is by engaging with like-minded users. Check out the explore tab to find interesting posts and new accounts to follow, or look for people posting similar hashtags. Like and comment when something stands out. You’ll find that many people will return the favor.