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What Are Instagram Stories?

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Introduced in 2016, Instagram stories is described by Mark Zukerburg as a way to “share a series of videos or photos — and have them disappear after 24 hours.” It has since evolved. It now includes a variety of fun features and can be used to highlight special moments, launch a livestream session, promote a product or service. As these features continue to develop, it becomes more important for brands to learn the platform and adapt. Below we explain what Instagram stories are and how they can be used to increase your social media exposure.

What is a Story?

On Instagram, a “story” is a short video clip or photo that appears on your profile for a single day. This kind of content can be less curated than your normal posts. It’s a great medium for quick bursts of follower engagement because every day is a chance for a new story.

Types of Stories

Some accounts post personal behind-the-scenes moments, while others share sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Livestreams offer real-time communication with your followers. Verified business profiles have access to more story tools than personal accounts. These include promoted stories, user analytics (also known as “insights”) and a “swipe up” feature that links back to your product or service.

Stories for Your Business

The type of content and ideas you share in an Instagram story depends solely on your business objectives. If you are trying to increase awareness about your product or service, show why it’s important. Explain how it can be used in everyday life. If your goal is to inform and educate your audience on certain topics, Instagram stories can be a great driver to your resources. Take it one story at a time, and find a way to work them into your existing social media strategy.

Stories Highlights

Instagram has more recently rolled out highlights, which allows users to save stories indefinitely. This archive can be viewed by anyone who clicks on your profile, and each one can be tailored to a specific theme or subject. Use highlights to save brand-relevant content that may not otherwise fit into your feed.